Mount Fuji

What We Do

We constantly scan the market for trends and inflection points in data assets being accumulated by Japanese companies and engage with those companies to develop long-lasting partnerships.

We use our extensive experience in the institutional finance industry to deliver our raw data offerings via point-in-time accurate, easy to use updates.

In cases where augmentation is required, we leverage our experience in quantitative finance to transform large and unwieldy datasets into signals that can be easily integrated into trading and investment use cases.

Our Purpose and Values

We believe in the power of alternative data and its ability to positively impact investment outcomes.

The continuing evolution of Japanese market microstructure and its robust ecosystem of participants presents both unique opportunities and challenges. Our strong belief is that access to differentiating data can make a huge difference.

We value our independence and honor our partnerships.

We’re self-funded and take a long-term approach to developing relationships with both our data partners and our customers. With no outside investors, we can work in true partnership with both sides of the equation to provide our solutions without any conflicts of interest or short-term motives.

We enjoy what we do immensely.

We are obsessive in our pursuit of data sources that matter and open to ideas from the market. The quest for new data sources can be a years-long undertaking; we value and respect the process and appreciate the position we’ve been able to achieve in these evolving markets.

People and Leadership

We are a diverse group of seasoned industry professionals. We’ve built data pipelines, trading applications and investment strategies for some of the largest global investors and brokers and are excited to apply our knowledge to the needs of today’s markets.
We’ve been around since the days before decimalization and have seen markets transformed by successive waves of technological and theoretical advances.